Authentic. Candid. Beautiful. 

BC/Alberta & Destination 

Wedding Photography 

Boudoir & Family too!

Having photographed dozens of weddings for lovers and creatives embracing the candid in-between moments, Rebecca Gillis' has dedicated her craft to producing stunning images that capture authentic moments.



Kailyn & Stewart
Wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Alex & Liam
Wedding in St. Alberta, Alberta
Tanya & Bryan
Wedding in Playa El Lobo, Costa Rica
Jody & Daniel
Wedding in Cold Lake, Alberta
Audry & Colby
Wedding in Hauula, Hawaii


Photographer. Shell Collector. All things family

My name is Rebecca Gillis

Following a family member's medical emergency in 2012, life's stark reminder that time is precious and passions are worth pursuing resonated deeply within me. 

Transitioning from photography as a side gig to a full-time endeavor was a bold leap I embraced wholeheartedly.Discovering a profound passion for wedding photography, I am continually inspired by the unique stories of every couple I have the honor of capturing on their special day. Collaborating closely with my clients to immortalize their love story in timeless images brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

 In addition to wedding photography, I am grateful for the opportunities to create beautiful family portraits and empower women through transformative boudoir sessions, further enriching my journey as a photographer.


Planning a your dream wedding? 



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